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The Burning Platform

Sword & Shield

Guest Post by Freed Radical

Stand firm on this passage from God’s word as we do spiritual battle to recover and rebuild our nation and world, and defeat the evil that seeks to destroy us.

Psalm 149   (NASB)

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
And a two-edged sword in their hand,
To execute vengeance on the nations
And punishment on the peoples,
To bind their kings with chains
And their nobles with fetters of iron,
To execute on them the judgment written;
This is an honor for all His godly ones.
Praise the Lord!


Lord, I praise you, and you alone are worthy of worship. No man or created thing is worthy, only you our creator. Your joy is my strength. My two-edged sword is your word, spoken and powerful, cutting to the boundary of joints and marrow, soul and spirit. I proclaim your truth and watch the evil shriek and cower before your power, binding the perpetrators of unspekable evil. Your judgment has been written of old; execute it swiftly today. My honor is to serve you, your Kindom and principles. You are worthy of all praise and glory!

We engage in spiritual warfare by first consulting the scriptures to learn what God thinks about himself, about us, our situation, and his adversaries, and what he is doing today and is planning to do. We come into agreement with what God thinks, and his plan, and ask him to do battle on our behalf in the ways he has stated. These prayers are intended to change situations in our natural world, but they also change our hearts as we come to know the heart of God. As we pray together to defeat the forces of evil, we become a closer knit family of God, intent on accomplishing his purposes and living in Christian community. Please join in this spiritual battle by praying the scripture above, out loud, confident that God hears us and loves us, his children.

The prayer above is only a suggestion. Pray as you are led by the spirit. No need for eloquence as our Father simply loves to hear the voices of his children as we bare our hearts to him.

Take time to read this passage in context, to get the bigger picture, by clicking on the link at the beginning of the passage. The Christian life is not all about spiritual warfare, and there is always a bigger picture!

(image credit: pixabay)

Emigrate While You Still Can!


An Undertaker Explains How the Depopulation Project Is Working

Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Here is an extraordinary 22 minute interview with an explanation that fits the facts far better than the counterfactual official Covid narrative.

Despite the coherence and sincerity of the undertaker, few are likely to take his account seriously.  For decades Americans have been indoctrinated to regard all explanations contrary to official accounts as “conspiracy theory.”  The CIA planted conspiracy theory on the media to discredit highly credible accounts of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination that rejected the official narrative, and since 1963 the presstitutes have used “conspiracy theory” to shut down all challenges to official narratives. 

The consequence is that instead of thinking and considering alternative explanations, most people, at least initially, dismiss non-official explanations.  People who know from lifelong experience that government always lies nevertheless always fall for the next lie.

Many Americans think that if the official narrative was not true, doctors would not go along with it.  They believe this, because they mistakenly think that doctors are independent and in charge. As Dr. Ted Noel explains, that is not the case.

Fewer doctors are in independent practice.  Most are employees of hospitals, large corporate practices, and clinics run by managers. These “health care providers” are run according to protocols handed down by NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, and the American Medical Association, all of whom are influenced by Big Pharma.

The protocol for Covid treatment has been to deny treatment until the patient becomes ill in a life-threatening way and checks  into a hospital.  Inside the hospital the protocol is to deny patients safe and effective treatments with HCQ and Ivermectin. Many patients end up dead on ventilators.

The Covid protocol demonizes the known and safe treatments and does its best to prevent their use by private practices.  According to reports, large pharmacy chains such as Walgreen and CVS refuse to fill doctor’s prescriptions for HCQ and Ivermectin for Covid treatment.  Doctors who prescribe these cures are threatened by their medical associations with loss of medical license.  If you read Dr. Noel’s explanation, you will understand that doctors are essentially helpless.

If you doubt that, consider the well-known medical and scientific authorities who have spoken out, with the result that they are censored, deplatformed, and accused by the presstitutes of “spreading Covid disinformation.”

Anytime you see experts being censored you can bet your life it is because they are speaking the truth.  But instead of truth, brainwashed Americans see “conspiracy theory,” thus guaranteeing the success of the establishment’s agenda.—————————————————–
The corrupt establishment will do anything to suppress sites like the Burning Platform from revealing the truth. The corporate media does this by demonetizing sites like mine by blackballing the site from advertising revenue. If you get value from this site, please keep it running with a donation. [Burning Platform LLC – PO Box 1520 Kulpsville, PA 19443] or Paypal 

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American Partisan


The Organic Prepper

“Lettuce” Vaccinate You and Other Reasons You Can’t Trust the Food Supply

7 commentsSeptember 25, 2021Current EventsFeatured PostsShareTweetPinShare0SHARES

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by Jeff Thompson

As if our food wasn’t already tainted enough, researchers are now working on putting mRNA vaccines in LETTUCE. UC-San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University are both currently involved in this research. And, they are doing so with Washington DC’s blessing.  

Buy your garden seeds early, everybody. And get them from a source you can trust, like this one.

Can you put the mRNA dressing on the side, please?

The National Science Foundation is footing the bill for this research, having forked over half a million dollars in grant money towards the project of putting vaccines in lettuce. 

According to associate professor of botany and plant sciences, Juan Pablo Giraldo, “Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person.” Giraldo went on to say, “We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long-term goals of people growing it in their gardens.”  

So, one bowl full of salad will get mRNA into a host’s body.




Not the tomatoes too!

Why do they want to put vaccines in lettuce? 

Q: Why is there a need to start putting medical treatments into food? 

A: To get those who would refuse the jab otherwise. The only explanation that makes sense is this technology can get mRNA into those who would otherwise not get it.

What other reason can there be? If anybody wants to get the job, they can easily do so at multiple locations throughout the country, and often for free. There’s simply no reason whatsoever to believe we need to start putting the mRNA into food. We do not need vaccines in lettuce, thanks.

Old McGates had a farm…

Guess who the largest owner of farmland in the US is?

Bill Gates

Nobody else owns as much farmland as that man does. Will Gates back such technology? Given that he holds most food-producing plots throughout America, what do you think happens next?

Governments worldwide are currently upping the ante for getting the jab. Seemingly with a strange desire to get as many needles into as many arms as possible. Putting mRNA into lettuce seems to be nothing other than an underhanded scheme to violate peoples’ bodily integrity against their knowledge/will.

Can I see the ingredients list, please?

Will we be told that mRNA is in lettuce? I believe this is the next logical question to ask. And I think the answer is going to be a resounding ‘no.’ Just like Big Food stringently objected to GMOs being labeled as genetically modified, I imagine they’re not going to want you to know there are vaccines in your lettuce.

Did the CIA tell victims of MKULTRA they were giving them hallucinogens? No. The CIA gave those people drugs against their will and without their knowledge and then subjected them to various forms of torture. 

Why would this be any different?

And even if there were a label listed on the lettuce containers stating ‘this is COVID lettuce,’ can we trust that others won’t feed it to us? “Oops, I forgot to mention it.”

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about humanity at large over the past two years, it’s this: it is inherently wicked. Look around you to see what has happened. You will see people denied medical treatment because they “aren’t following the rules.” We’ve been encouraged to snitch on our family members. Sadly, we have even seen people being killed over the mask debate. Some of us have witnessed police beat a citizen into a bloody pulp for simply attempting to purchase groceries.

And what happens if you eat a salad for lunch every day? That’s a heck of a lot of mRNA vaccine you’re getting there. Can you OD on that stuff?

I’ll take mine with everything on it, except the mRNA

We should all be very concerned about this news. Whoever controls the food controls the people. However, I believe there are a few things you can do to fight against such injustice.

  • Be Loud: Awareness is crucial. By telling others as soon as possible, you can help raise the issue of coerced medical experimentation. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, not mRNA! Now is the time to be that squeaky wheel.
  • Become a producer: I highly recommend you begin growing your food. Especially lettuce and spinach. Learn what it takes. Experiment and navigate the learning curve now rather than later. We will likely see this technology used in virtually all foods in the future. Pull out of the system as early as you can.
  • Purchase heirloom seeds. The Organic Prepper highly recommends Seeds for Generations.
  • Pass on the lettuce and spinach: Everywhere. I wouldn’t trust it. If you don’t know the farmer and the seeds he uses, I believe it is best to stay away from any lettuce and spinach that comes from a source you can’t entirely trust.

Vaccines in lettuce. I’m just shaking my head. If ever you needed another a reason to grow your own, this is it.


Western Rifle Shooters Association















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