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Submitted by mark

Yea, this is an hour…however it is more than worth the time. It is a gripping and revealing exposé by former staunch Trump supporters.



Comment: He is a hard core ZIONIST and cabal member. They have video on him to force him to toe the line and he does as he is told: no taxes for life for wealthy cabal members, VAXXES for us proles, etc.

Trump works for super wealthy British Banksters & Empire period not You. Other countries use Ivermectin but not the leading criminals in the U.S.

  • Only five people had died from COVID—there was no statistical health threat.
  • Four months earlier, on Sep. 24, 2019, Trump issued Executive Order 13887 on pandemic speed scenarios describing COVID-19, uncannily; hindsight shows this COVID-19 madness was seemingly premeditated.
  • Azar backdated to Jan. 27, 2020—five days earlier—his one-sentence declaration. (Trollers are claiming this was a clerical error by $1,000 per hour corrupt attorneys—redundant, we know).
  • Azar was not following his WHO handlers since his U.N. WHO co-conspirators had not yet declared a “pandemic,” which they did later, on Mar. 11, 2020—six weeks later.
  • Azar and Trump evidently jumped the gun to protect their bio-nano-5G-chemical warfare super-spy-agent, Harvard-NIH Dr. Charles M. Lieber who had been indicted on Jan. 28, 2020—one day after the backdate.
  • On Feb. 13, 2020—two weeks later, Kristin Debord, PhD, Acting Director of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, made no mention of the COVID-19 “emergency” declaration in her presentation to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC). The CDC said the opposite: “The immediate risk in the United States is low at present.” No immediate risk, or pandemic? Contradictory official statements and pregnant silences are lies/fraud… by bureaucrats who nevertheless want to mass inject the public with untested cocktails using any deception that works.
  • Yet, just nine weeks later, Debord initiated Operation Warp Speed on Apr. 29, 2020—she went from no emergency to hair on fire. Government agencies cannot tie their shoes in nine weeks.
  • Tellingly, the FDA issued a deceptively worded warning on Apr. 10, 2020 against using IVERMECTIN to treat COVID—four weeks after secretly declaring the pandemic. (Note: The FDA had approved it for human use on Oct. 8, 1998. Japanese researchers call it a “wonder drug” and “astonishingly safe for human use”).[1]
  • Why did “You’re Fired!” Trump hire so many British Pilgrims Society globalists like Cohen, Mnuchin, Ross, Fauci, Birx, Tillerson, Pompeo, Devos, Haspel, Chao, Pence, Mattis, Votel, Milley, Barr, Sessions?
  • Was Trump duped, or in on the scam with Azar, Fauci, Gates?
  • Fraud always unwinds judgments and resulting actions as the fruit of a poisoned tree—backdating legal orders is not a clerical error, it is criminal. HHS lawyers were playing games with the American Republic.
  • ________________________________________
  • [1] Andy Crump, Satosjo Ōmura, ed. (Feb. 10, 2011). Ivermectin, ‘wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective. Proceedings of the Japan Academy. Series B, Physical and biological sciences, 87(2): 13–28. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:
  • A.D. Santin (Yale), D.E. Scheim, P.A. McCullough (TX A&M), M. Yagisawa (ICRC Kitasato Univ.), T.J. Borody (CDD Aus). (Aug. 03, 2021). Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19, New Microbe and New Infect 2021; 43: 100924, Elsevier Ltd. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source:

The corrupt establishment will do anything to suppress sites like the Burning Platform from revealing the truth. The corporate media does this by demonetizing sites like mine by blackballing the site from advertising revenue. If you get value from this site, please keep it running with a donation. [Burning Platform LLC – PO Box 1520 Kulpsville, PA 19443] or Paypal


How Doctors Get Paid (Or, why they go along to get along)

I said paid, not laid.  Treat a patient, enter shit in a computer, get paid.  That’s about the extent my own knowledge regarding the matter.  Holy crap, what a clueless Turd Of Paradise I am.

Ever heard of CMMS? Me neither.What a damned dystopian nightmare. Reading this article — by the same Dr. Noel I posted yesterday — is quite an eye-opening informative education.  At least it will help you understand why they do the shit they do (like not prescribing Ivermectin).  That’s NOT to excuse them, however.  As Dr. Noel states in his closing sentence; — “It takes a spine of steel to stand up to the authoritarian orthodoxy.” Sadly, from what I read here and elsewhere, not 1 in 50 doctors has a “spine of steel” … or, any spine at all.

And what an “authoritarian orthodoxy” hell it is!! Doctors are no longer autonomous human beings. They are Automatons Of The State, robots dutifully doing what they are told, patient welfare be damned.  Another Yuge win for the marvels of government involvement. It’s like this …

I'm from the government and I'm here to help - 9GAG

I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to become a practicing physician these days.  It’s now one of the most horrid professions in America.


Why Do Doctors Go Along with COVID Panic Porn and CDC Prescriptions?

By Ted Noel, MD

I recently had a conversation with a reasonably well-informed writer who simply missed the real reasons why most practicing physicians go along with the Fauci Fraud.  As a public service, I will attempt to fill in a few gaps.  But first, I must define the fraud. There are two basic legs to the fraud.

First is the idea that the Centers for Disease Control is in any way concerned with a mission related to its name.  The failure of the CDC to endorse any treatment that did not emanate from its exalted halls should give us our first glint of clarity.  There are literally millions of physicians around the world, and the great bulk of them truly wish to treat their patients well.  Among those are thousands of researchers, a number far in excess of those at the CDC, the NIH, and other alphabet soup government agencies.  The very idea that outside researchers are incapable of discovering anything useful without the help of the bureaucrats in D.C. is hubris of the highest order.  And it prevents the CDC, the FDA, or any other such agency from considering the idea that maybe, just possibly, there might be intelligent life down here.  Mount Olympus cannot be threatened.

The second leg of the fraud is less visible to the naked eye but much more powerful.  If I wrote this before I retired, I would be called before the Board of my group and told in no uncertain terms to shut up.  I might even be assessed a financial penalty with several zeroes after the one.  That’s a serious impairment of my pursuit of happiness.  The reason for my group’s dislike is more than the fact that I might be an irritant.  They may actually agree with what I have to say.  But they simply cannot afford for me to say it.  That’s right: as a practicing physician in a group, my freedom of speech can become very expensive…to the group.

My group cared for patients of all descriptions, with roughly half of them on Medicare and another batch on Medicaid.  Both programs are ultimately managed by the feds, one of the most humorless groups on the planet.  They write a whole bunch of rules on how you have to document everything you do.  If you didn’t document it correctly, it didn’t happen, and you won’t get paid.  But that’s not the half of it.

Suppose you have one of those patients brought in by the ambulance from under the bridge.  His only clothes are the ones he’s wearing, and he doesn’t have two nickels to rub together.  It’s more than obvious that this surgery for bowel obstruction will be a charity case.

Before Medicare, you’d simply write it off as your good neighbor duty.  Now you don’t get a choice.  CMMS (the actual administrative agency) requires you to send a bill.  Twice.  Or maybe three times.  Whatever it takes to turn the bill into bad debt.  Then you have to send it to a collection agency.  Your only alternative is for your group to bring it up in its Board meeting and declare it a write-off that gets noted in the minutes.

All this rigmarole serves no purpose, and you knew that before you got to this sentence.  But CMMS has a sinister side.  If you do the case for free (which you did before you spent that useless money on billing and collection), CMMS will define that as your “usual and customary” bill for an exploratory laparotomy.  Since your U&C is now zero, you can’t ever bill more than that for an ex lap in the future.

But what does that have to do with ivermectin?  I’m glad you asked.

U&C bills are just one of the hundreds of rules that CMMS enforces.  Another is “Pay for Performance.”  Basically, P-f-P requires you to check a host of boxes when taking care of patients.  If you didn’t get that IV antibiotic in 20 minutes before the incision, you failed P-f-P and may not get paid.  The hospital won’t get paid to take care of the patient if there’s a complication.

So let us suppose that you use ivermectin to treat a COVID patient as he arrives in the hospital.  Ivermectin isn’t on the Medicare/Medicaid approved list of medications for COVID.  Your hospital pharmacy will call you up and give you grief.  After wasting a lot of time getting them to finally let you have it, you’ve had to cancel half of your office day.  The next day, you’ll get a visit from a coder, who will tell you that you didn’t use the approved treatment protocol and put the hospital in jeopardy because you flunked P-f-P.  By the way, that “coder” is the person who “helps” you use the proper ICD (billing) code for whatever the patient has in order for the hospital to make the most money.  But that’s not the worst of it.

Because you flunked P-f-P, that waves a red flag in front of the CMMS bulls, and you’re about to get gored.  They will wonder what other bad things you’ve done.  As soon as they find one, it gets flagged as “Medicare fraud,” and they will bill you for twice what you got paid as a penalty.  Can you guess how many other instances of fraud they’ll find if they look hard?  Do you have to ask why my partners would get upset if I published while I was still in practice?  By the way, CMMS can go two years back as they look for your crimes.  They can ultimately take your house, your car, and your wife’s poodle while they’re at it.

Let’s change the scene.  Suppose you’re in private practice.  You can’t give ivermectin because the feds will key in on it if your patient’s on Medicare or Medicaid.  So you decide to take care of him off the books.  He pays you cash, and all is well.  Not!  You now took a private payment for Medicare-covered service.  That will get you barred from seeing another Medicare patient for two years.

Let’s forget all the regulatory traps.  You’re conscientious and try to do the best for your patients.  But you’re busy, and you can’t keep up with the flood of papers on all the various COVID bits.  So you wear a mask, have your patients wear masks, and do a lot of telemedicine.  You keep up on the latest through Medscape and the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reporter.  You should be good?  Not!  MMWR is put out by the CDC, and they won’t say the first good word about HCQ or ivermectin.  Medscape is a little better, but not much.  And all the specialty societies are toeing the line.  Can we guess why?

Any doctor who actually reads the studies, or follows any of the protocols published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, will see a lot of peer pressure to stop.  The financial risks may be extreme.  It takes a spine of steel to stand up to the authoritarian orthodoxy.


Ted Noel, M.D. is a retired anesthesiologist/intensivist who posts on social media as DoctorTed and @vidzette.

SOURCE:  Dr. Noel on


Emigrate While You Still Can!


More Evidence That They Know the Covid Vaccine Is Killing and Maiming People and Yet They Continue Their Death Program

Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Here is a doctor and chief RN in a US Department of Health & Human Services Hospital reporting that the official protocol is NOT to report adverse reactions to the vaccine, NOT to treat Covid patients with safe and effective Ivermectin, indeed, it is impermissible to do so and you are fired if you save lives with Ivermectin, and NOT to permit staff to refuse inoculation based on informed consent from seeing the deadly effects of the vaccine on patients.

In this video you can witness the doctor and nurses speaking about the evil of the Health & Human Services federal hospital intentionally killing people and preventing doctors and nurses from saving the lives of patients.  This is not happening from incompetence and lack of knowledge.  People are being systematically murdered, and Covid is being blamed.  All adverse vaccine reactions are blamed on Covid, not on the vaccine, and this lie is used to justify not reporting the adverse event.  You had better watch the brief video before it is taken down as “Covid disinformation.” It is a video of doctors and nurses on the front line discussing what they see and experience.

It has also emerged that the medical establishment arranged a “test” of HCQ’s effectiveness  by waiting until patients were in the last stage of the disease before administering HCQ.  They did this despite knowing that HCQ is effective in the early stages of Covid infection and arrests the progress of the infection.  In the later stages of the disease, HCQ is not effective, or not nearly as effective.

Having rigged the test in this way over the dead bodies of betrayed patients, the medical establishment used the arranged failure of HCQ to prevent the use of Ivermectin, which is effective at all stages of the disease.

This is still the medical protocol in American hospitals despite the fact (1) that Ivermectin has cleared Covid from entire areas of India where it is used as a Covid preventative, (2) that the Tokyo Medical Association has recommended that Japanese doctors use Ivermection for the prevention and cure of Covid, (3) that large areas of Africa where Ivermectin is regularly used as a preventative and treatment for River Blindness have few Covid cases, (4) and that the vast majority of Americans  who are cured of Covid by treatment are not cured in hospitals but by doctors in private practice administering HCQ and Ivermectin.

The evidence is overwhelming that the US medical, political, and media establishments are perfectly comfortable knowingly enforcing unscientific and counterfactual death policies on the American people.—————————————————–
The corrupt establishment will do anything to suppress sites like the Burning Platform from revealing the truth. The corporate media does this by demonetizing sites like mine by blackballing the site from advertising revenue. If you get value from this site, please keep it running with a donation. [Burning Platform LLC – PO Box 1520 Kulpsville, PA 19443] or Paypal


There are many shortcuts to fantasy, but there are no shortcuts to the scientific truth

Guest Post by Gert Vanden Bossche

People asked my opinion about the following article:

“How the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19: A Darwinian perspective”

Author: Emanuel Goldman; PNAS September 28, 2021 118 (39) e2114279118;

My comments:

This is yet another example of a professor who thinks he has a good understanding of how this pandemic is evolving and who is firmly convinced he can take advantage of Darwin’s law to put the blame for the catastrophic evolution of this pandemic on the unvaccinated. I am sure he didn’t read my contribution ‘Repetitio est mater studiorum’….

But once, again, let’s get started by assessing his experience in some of the fields that are critically important to understanding the evolutionary dynamics of this pandemic (according to some of the criteria I listed in my contribution ‘Separating the wheat from the chaff’).

  1. Q: Does Goldman understand immunology? No
  2. Q: Does Goldman understand vaccinology? No

So, why does he even try to tackle an issue as complex as a population-level interaction between the host immune system and a virus within the context of mass vaccination?

I’ve inserted my comments below (in italics) in the text of his article. Again, they should illustrate how uninformed, biased interpretations of the data can have a disastrous impact, not only in that they violate the science but also in that they lead to irrational social discrimination. Again, I doubt that Goldman is willing to engage in an open scientific debate on a public platform. He should, therefore, at least seriously consider withdrawing the nonsense he’s trying to sell as a science-based statement.

“How the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19: A Darwinian perspective”

Imai et al. (1) have characterized yet another variant of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus responsible for COVID-19, this one originating in Brazil. The good news is that it appears that vaccines currently available are still expected to provide protection against this variant. However, what about the next variant, one we have not seen yet? Will we still be protected?

In 1859, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species (2), in which he outlined the principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest. The world presently has the unwelcome opportunity to see the principles of evolution as enumerated by Darwin play out in real time, in the interactions of the human population with SARS-CoV-2. The world could have easily skipped this unpleasant lesson, had there not been such large numbers of the human population unwilling to be vaccinated against this disease.

Goldman doesn’t seem to realize that protection against disease has nothing to do with Darwin’s principles of natural selection and survival of the fittest. In case of viruses, the latter have to do with replication and transmission. So, what viruses care about is barriers that prevent them from replicating / transmitting, not from external influences that prevent them from being more or less pathogenic. This is to say that natural selection of viruses in the presence of neutralizing antibodies does not occur as a result of vaccine-mediated pressure on viral pathogenicity.

SARS-CoV-2 has shown that it can mutate into many variants of the original agent (3). An unvaccinated pool of individuals provides a reservoir for the virus to continue to grow and multiply, and therefore more opportunities for such variants to emerge.

As Goldman has no clue about immunology, he does not understand that the overall (i.e., population-level) immune status of the population constitutes the barrier that is critical to Darwin’s selection and survival of the fittest (as virus replication and transmission critically depends on the ‘resistance’ mounted by the host immune system). In addition, Goldman doesn’t seem to realize that more infectious variants were already circulating before mass vaccination started. So, when mass vaccination was initiated, the question that really mattered was to know which part of the population would give more infectious variants a competitive advantage. It seems logical that more infectious variants can only enjoy a competitive advantage on a background that exerts selective immune pressure on viral infectiousness, i.e. on spike protein (as the latter is responsible for viral infectiousness). When people get jabbed in large numbers with S(pike)-based vaccines, this undoubtedly leads to massive S-directed immune selection pressure in the vaccinated part of the population. In contrast, the unvaccinated do not provide such competitive advantage to more infectious variants as they eliminate Sars-CoV-2 lineages without exerting immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness (i.e., on spike protein). This is because unvaccinated either get asymptomatically infected, i.e., they overcome the infection thanks to their innate immunity, which is known to be multi-specific ( i.e., NOT variant-specific) or they contract symptomatic infection, which equally results in multi-variant-specific acquired immunity. In none of these cases does an unvaccinated person exert any immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness, i.e., on spike protein. The unvaccinated part of the population is, therefore, anything but a reservoir for the virus! On the contrary, their capacity to eliminate the virus in a non-selective manner will lead to a diminished concentration of more infectious immune escape variants in the unvaccinated population, and even in the overall population provided the unvaccinated part of the population represents a significant part of the overall population!(which is now increasingly becoming problematic). Goldman’s interpretation does not take into account that unvaccinated people do have protective immunity, either due to innate or naturally acquired immunity.

When this occurs within a background of a largely vaccinated population, natural selection will favor a variant that is resistant to the vaccine.

Yes, natural selection of more infectious variants happens within the vaccinated population, but not in the non-vaccinated population. This already explains why there was a fall in cases when the lockdown measures in the UK were abandoned and society opened up again. Opening-up society resulted in absorption of more infectious variants (i.e., the Delta variant) by non-vaccinated people. In this population, the Delta variant had no longer a competitive advantage (as unvaccinated individuals can effectively deal with ALL Sars-CoV-2 lineages). I am truly curious to hear whether Goldman has another explanation for the fast and spectacular drop in cases subsequent to the lifting of lockdown measures in July 2021.

So far, we have been lucky that the variants that have emerged can still be somewhat controlled by current vaccines, probably because these variants evolved in mostly unvaccinated populations and were not subject to selective pressure of having to grow in vaccinated hosts.

The more infectious variants that started circulating before mass vaccination had already been subject to S-directed immune selection pressure! How could one otherwise explain that all these variants developed mutations that were converging towards immunodominant domains in the S protein? As I’ve been explaining in one of my previous articles (, this selection was most likely due to overcrowding (e.g., in favelas or slums in certain cities in Brazil or South-Africa) or possibly even due to prolonged infection-prevention measures in other regions (as prolonged infection-prevention measures lead to suppression of innate immunity and could now, indeed, provide a competitive advantage to more infectious variants).

Nevertheless, the Delta variant is exhibiting increased frequency of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated (4).

The real danger is a future variant, which will be the legacy of those people who are not getting vaccinated providing a breeding ground for the virus to continue to generate variants.

Shame on you, Goldman, for blaming the unvaccinated, whereas it is clear from my explanations above that you don’t understand at all why the unvaccinated are anything but a breeding ground for more infectious variants! Because of mass vaccination, there is now a large part of the population that exerts increasing S-directed immune selection pressure that provides more infectious variants to gain a strong competitive advantage and reproduce more effectively on a background of highly S-specific neutralizing antibodies. It’s obviously because of the profound lack of knowledge in immunology that some of the brightest minds can make some of the most stupid statements.

A variant could arise that is resistant to current vaccines, rendering those already vaccinated susceptible again.

Progress we have made in overcoming the pandemic will be lost. New vaccines will have to be developed. Lockdowns and masks will once again be required. Many more who are currently protected, especially among the vulnerable, will die.

Again, there is only one single culprit: MASS vaccination across all age groups during a pandemic of more infectious variants. Neither the vaccinated nor unvaccinated individuals are to be blamed. That is the biggest non-sense ever. It’s completely contradictory to what the science tells.

This dire prediction need not occur if universal vaccination is adopted, or mandated, to protect everyone, including those who are already vaccinated.

For lack of any fundamental knowledge in immunology, Goldman doesn’t understand that exactly the opposite applies!

Darwinian selection may also yet solve the problem with a much crueler calculus. The unvaccinated will either get sick and survive, and therefore be the equivalent of vaccinated, or they will die and therefore be removed as breeding grounds for the virus.

Again, a shame when an immunologically illiterate professor makes predictions about the outcome of this pandemic in ways that – for lack of immunological competence- completely misinterpret Darwin’s principles of natural selection. Why would the unvaccinated even survive if – according to Goldman – they’re not vaccinated and hence, not protected? It’s, of course, thanks to their innate immunity which they should try to boost and, more importantly, preserve by avoiding repeated exposure to the circulating (more infectious) variants. Deaths under the unvaccinated will not lead to diminished viral infectivity as the unvaccinated are not a breeding ground for more infectious variants. On the contrary, the unvaccinated are the only hope for the human population to build herd immunity, either by virtue of their innate immunity (if asymptomatically infected) or by virtue of their naturally acquired immunity (if symptomatically infected). Goldman should refrain from making erroneous and discriminating statements on matters he doesn’t understand and give the floor to medical doctors specialized in early treatment of Covid-19 cases.

The National Archives in the United Kingdom note that, in 1665, during the Black Death plague, “to prevent the disease spreading, a victim was locked in their house with their entire family, condemning them all to death” (5). Vaccinations offer a much more humane response to prevent spread of this disease. The path forward is in the hands of the unvaccinated, and in the political will of the authorities.

A completely misplaced brainwashing exercise from a professor who doesn’t understand the population-level interplay between the virus and its host. It should suffice to ask him how mass vaccination is going to tame the dramatic expansion of increasingly infectious viral variants as it is now generally acknowledged that mass vaccination will not enable herd immunity and as it is too well understood that no pandemic can be tamed without achieving herd immunity. The ‘more humane’ response, therefore, is to treat people at an early stage of the disease instead of preventing herd immunity from getting established. Boosters and/ or extending mass vaccination campaigns to younger age groups will only expedite the occurrence of viral resistance to the vaccines and cause substantial harm to both the unvaccinated and vaccinated.

The path forward is in the hands of the unvaccinated, and in the political will of the authorities

As long as the broader public and politicians get advised by incompetent scientists who seem to be addicted to their ego and delusional self-importance, it will be difficult to turn the tide on this pandemic.—————————————————–
The corrupt establishment will do anything to suppress sites like the Burning Platform from revealing the truth. The corporate media does this by demonetizing sites like mine by blackballing the site from advertising revenue. If you get value from this site, please keep it running with a donation. [Burning Platform LLC – PO Box 1520 Kulpsville, PA 19443] or Paypal Emigrate While You Still Can!


Adam Piggott


Gentleman adventurer

Let America die




The scribes over at PJ Media are sneering about the illegal rubes that their own Democrats are openly pushing over their broken border.

Haiti is a mess. Honduras is worse. Guatemala, Mexico, and Nicaragua are not found on my travel bucket list. These countries, as dangerous as they may be, all have one thing in common: Every one of them has had well over two hundred years to look at our “system” to see how and why it is superior to every other country’s, and then copy it.

It takes a special kind of arrogance as your nation implodes to blindly state that you have the best system, like ever, man.

A little while ago when Afghanistan finally regained its national autonomy, I wrote a piece asking the question if Americans even realised that they had lost a war. Based on the comments that piece received the answer was a resounding no. Americans have blind faith in whatever their nation does because that’s all that they have now. Even though its worth can be measured in the life span of a broken egg on a rock in the desert, they still cling to the notion that they have everything sorted out, if only they could go back to 1952.

Bullshit. American was broken from the start. Just take their much lauded constitution. The part I like the best is the line that goes something like, the freedom to pursue happiness. To be fair, not just Americans but a lot of people around the world think that that line is on par with anything written in the Bible. Which is ironic.

Because the idea of being free to pursue your own definition of happiness is literally demonic.

Who defines this happiness? I assume it is up to each individual, at least based on how the US constitution is worded. There is nothing attached to the idea of pursuing happiness as regards to moral limitations. Religion is not even in the picture as far as this happiness thing is concerned.

I bet trafficking underage children to sexual perverts gave Jeffery Epstein some degree of happiness. Just to name one single example over the last couple of hundred years. But even though I could choose from so many examples, let’s just stick with him to make the point. If trafficking children made Epstein happy then that’s A-Okay under the US constitution. He should be free to pursue his own version of happiness. After all, it’s left up to each and every individual to define what makes them happy, what gives them happiness.

Once again, it’s demonic. It’s something that a Satanist would come up with. Oh yeah, that’s right; your beloved George Washington was a high level Freemason. Which made him a high level Satanist. How many more of your founding fathers were Freemasons? Quite a number. And they sure did a number on you.

It took a bit of time but finally the evil energy of that document was fully released in the sixties. Do whatever makes you feel good, man. The lid came off the box. Your land of the free is the land of those who want no limits on their actions. Pursue your happiness. Well, talk about living in the material world. Forget about all that spiritual stuff, as long as it makes you happy, bro.

At its essence it is nihilism. Even worse is its chronic level of self-deception and self-delusion. There is no freedom involved in the pursuit of happiness because the foundation of such an undertaking is bound up in the follies of the world. You can never arrive, there is no end goal so to speak. Your pursuit will be endless and on the way you will lose your soul. Perhaps gradually but then all at once.

America has to die because it was founded on a lie. And an evil one at that. A great sabotage laid right from the beginning. And it has pulled in many countries after it, sucking them down into the great crushing, the overwhelming evil of pure capitalism. Australia is now the US on steroids but without any of the meagre protections thrown in that at least the Americans can still enjoy.

So you have a bunch of Haitians breaking down the doors. So what? I don’t see any Russians lining up to get in anymore. When are you guys going to understand that the 200 year party is over? And it’s already been over for much longer than you can even imagine. Gonna be one hell of a hangover.


American Partisan






The Epoch Times

Remdesivir Reduced Risk of Hospitalization When Given to COVID-19 Patients Early: Study

BY ZACHARY STIEBER September 22, 2021 Updated: September 22, 2021 biggersmallerPrint

The antiviral remdesivir treatment reduced the risk of hospitalization among COVID-19 patients when administered soon after they were diagnosed, according to a new study.

Researchers found that remdesivir cut the risk of hospitalization by 87 percent compared to a placebo that half of the study participants received.

A total of 562 patients, all deemed at high-risk from COVID-19, were enrolled in the trial.


New Proof Emerges of the Biden Family Emails: a Definitive Account of the CIA/Media/BigTech Fraud

An axis of the CIA, Big Tech and the DNC-allied wing of the corporate media spread an absolute lie in the weeks before the 2020 election. We now have definitive proof.


John MacArthur’s Church Publishes “COVID-19 Without Fear” Manifesto

John MacArthur

While most of the world, particularly the lost and dying world, is living in extreme fear of a disease that carries with it the possibility of death, John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Church in Los Angeles wants us to know that born again believers have nothing to fear…[Continue Reading on Website]


Time to end for the day….

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

EDITOR ONLY, 74 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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