Junk On The Bunk: How I pack for “The Fieldcraft Course”

Badlands Fieldcraft

I’ve been asked to document how I pack for The Fieldcraft Course. When I’m heading out for a class I don’t pack my personal gear any different than I would if I were a student. I also don’t pack any different than if I were heading out for real either. I train as I know how to fight and live in the field, and the gear list for the class is designed on that concept. I bring all the same gear students bring. I sleep in the field right next to them. I get rained on when they get rained on; I freeze when they freeze. No going back to a motel or a camper for me. So there’s no reason why my packing method shouldn’t work for a student either.

I divide my equipment into three “lines”. Line 1 is my survival, navigation, and emergency signal equipment. Line…

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Gear Review and Junk On The Bunk: Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll and Poncho Sleep System Review

Badlands Fieldcraft

The poncho liner is a classic piece of sleeping gear for anyone who has spent any time in the field. It’s lightweight, compact and keeps you warm(ish) when wet. As great as it is though, guys in the field always find ways to improve on their gear. Many would have a zipper sewn in so that the blanket could be converted to a sleeping bag. I believe the current issue USMC poncho liner has this modification done to it now.

The classic poncho liner

A couple years ago, Helikon-Tex decided to take a stab at their own version. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this company, you should be. They’ve been making great gear in Poland for quite awhile now, including the PCS smock for the Brits (Which is another great piece of kit) and numerous other pieces of equipment for NATO forces as well as their own…

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