The Kenosha Kid

Mountain Guerrilla Blog  by John Mosby

A few days ago, during rioting in Kenosha, WI, a young man named Kyle Rittenhouse ended up shooting three people, killing two of them. The response to this has been interesting. It has ranged from people on the Left calling him a “baby Fascist” and “murderer” to people on the Right labeling him everything from “hero” to “criminal.”  I’m not going to rehash the blow-by-blow of what occurred. I’m going to talk about some generalities, as they apply to our context.  (1) From watching several of the available video recordings, it is crystal clear to me, the kid “did work.” With the exception of the one shot to the arm, he got good, solid, CoM hits with the rifle that, according to his attorneys’ statement was not his, and was simply handed to him to borrow. It’s safe to assume he’d not fired that particular rifle, to confirm zero, etc. There is a great deal of photographic evidence to indicate that he did have some familiarity with the AR15 of course, and judging by his execution of the fundamentals, under stress, it’s probably safe to assume he had SOME training, of some sort. At one point, it appears he suffers a malfunction that he quickly and competently clears, before getting the gun back into the fight. None of the shots he took were from ideal firing positions either, and at least one of them was while he was fighting for control of the gun with his attacker.I’ve seen, and heard, a number of people point out that “he did it with a cheap DPMS and a cheaper Chinese red dot.” That is possibly—probably—true. It was a loaner gun. This is the reason that—despite harping on people to buy the best gun they can afford—I’ve insisted that people needed to train with other weapons that might not be their first choice, and it’s why I’ve insisted that changing anything on your gun that changes the basic manual-of-arms, is foolish. You don’t KNOW what gun you’re going to have in your hands, when it’s time to do work.  (2) Despite initial claims that he was in violation of some Wisconsin law limiting the ability of minors to carry guns in public, it appears that he actually was not. More critically, IT OUGHT NOT FUCKING MATTER. He’s a human being, and he was being attacked by larger, more aggressive, more experienced, older, and more numerous attackers. That’s the fucking point of having guns!(3) The argument can be made (my mother actually made it the other day) that a 17-year old “kid” had no business being at a riot in a town that he didn’t even live in, regardless of whether he worked there or not. That may be. But…unless he was engaging in violent or criminal behavior, he had just as much right to be there as any other American citizen did, at that moment. “Oh, but he was breaking curfew!”
 Fuck you. Curfews are bullshit, and every other motherfucker on the streets that night was also “breaking curfew.” It doesn’t matter if he was there to support the protesters, or to defend the businesses, or just to hang out and watch the crowds, he had as much business being there as anyone did.(4) I’ve seen a number of people claim “He’s lucky he came out alive!” I’m calling bullshit. The ease with which he handled his gun tells me he had some training, at least. He’s not lucky. He did the work, and when it came time to drop the hammer, he didn’t stop, worrying about jail, or his mortgage payment, or getting spanked or grounded by his parents. He did the work.It’s easy for people to sit around and talk about “well, sure, but he’s too young to really grasp what was involved and at risk.” I’m calling bullshit on that. When he was done, he tried to turn himself in to the local police, and they (presumably not realizing what had just happened), told him to just go home, where he turned himself in to the cops there (where he WAS arrested). I think that kid knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He had just already made up his mind about what he was willing to do, and what he was willing to go to jail for.  ————————————————- I’ll probably be called to task for calling him a “kid.” To be clear, I call him a kid, not out of any disrespect, but simply because of the age difference. I also call young men in their early 20s, who have been downrange in the military “kids.” That’s because they are—literally—young enough to BE MY KIDS.  There’s nothing disrespectful about it. He did man’s work that day, and if he walked up to me and said, “Hey, don’t call me ‘kid,’ I think it’s disrespectful,” I’d concede the point to him and wouldn’t call him “kid” anymore.  ————————————————- I have long advocated for people providing local security, in their community, when the police and city government seem unable or unwilling to do so. However, I’ve also advocated for people going as groups, with people they know and have trained with, in order to do so, and this event is an example of WHY we advocate that.  We “know” that Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to provide security for the businesses, with a friend (who loaned him the AR15). They—or he—apparently didn’t know any of the others. So, at some point, Rittenhouse became separated from the others, and found himself alone, surrounded by hostiles in a mob. A trained crew could have maintained accountability and communications, and prevented this separation (granted it still MIGHT have happened, but it would have been far less likely). This is why the military institutes the idea of Ranger buddies (battle buddies, swim buddies, etc) from Day One. It’s why organization and communication are critical core concepts operationally.  If you’re going to provide security for local community, when you arrive, figure out the task organization and chain-of-command. If there’s not one, start organizing one. If the others there refuse to do so, leave. Period. If there’s no organization and order, there’s no way you can work together effectively. The fact that it “has worked” so far is largely because nothing has happened yet. The first time it did, we saw a 17-year old get separated and have to smoke check three fuckers.  ———————————————————— The Process is the PunishmentThe late Col. Jeff Cooper famously wrote, “A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.”That’s a quaint, idealistic perspective. It’s also total bullshit. One of the lessons we’ve learned over the years, fighting transnational terrorists, is the power of “doxxing.” There’s a reason high-speed counter-terrorist units wear fucking masks. There’s a reason we use pseudonyms. It’s to reduce the effectiveness of hostile intelligence operations, including the ability to harm our families and loved ones at home.  If you’re going to go provide security for local businesses at a riot? Wear a fucking mask. I don’t care if it’s a surgical mask, or a M40 protective mask, or it’s a fucking (gay-as-fuck) skull half-mask. Wear a mask, and wear headgear that helps protect your identity.  If you’re working with people you don’t know—and trust—to protect your identity, use a fucking pseudonym, and don’t share personal data and information. There are two reasons for this.(a) it reduces the chances that someone with a camera phone will be able to dox you, afterwards, and it keeps people from leaking information about you to hostiles.(b) if you DO smoke check someone, it reduces the chances of the government identifying you.  Here’s the reality. Rittenhouse is getting really stellar legal assistance, pro bono. A large factor in that is—inarguably—the fact that he is 17 years old. If he’d been 27, or 37, I would almost bet a year’s salary that he would not be getting nearly as much assistance. If you have to shoot someone, you’re not going to want to—probably not going to be able to, without sending yourself into lifelong poverty—face the costs of the legal adventures that will follow it. That seems abhorrent to many people on “the Right.” The idea of intentionally circumventing the law clashes with their “law-and-order” self-identity. Fuck that.  The reality is, that kid should never have even been charged. 30 seconds of watching available video, online, clearly shows any thinking person, that he was—at the time of the shootings—protecting himself from lethal threats. But, the system IS broken, and you WILL get arrested, and you WILL spend hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars defending yourself legally, if you’re successful. If you’re unsuccessful, you end up in prison. The system exists to convict people, not to exonerate them, regardless of what the “ideal” may be.  Don’t willingly surrender yourself, ESPECIALLY if you know you were justified. If they come after you later, because they figure out who you are, then deal with it, but turning yourself in is just fucking stupid.  Work with people you know and trust. Mask up and use a pseudonym. These are Guerrilla 101 things.  ———————————————————- Stand-off is a guerrilla’s friend. We discussed this in The Reluctant Partisan, Vol. 1. If you’re going to defend a physical location, have an overwatch, preferably with suppressed weapons.  If I were defending a fixed location, like a business, from rioters, I’d take a page from Applegate’s book. I’d have my front-line, visible people sling arms behind themselves, and I’d hand them axe handles and shields, for cracking heads. I’d have a security element in overwatch, with suppressed rifles. If someone in the hostile crowd appeared to be getting ready to use any sort of deadly force, I’d have my overwatch drop them where they stood. The visible security element that might be caught on camera isn’t doing anything wrong, and obviously isn’t shooting anyone with their rifles behind their backs. A suppressed weapon isn’t “silent,” but under the noise of a screaming, yelling, chanting crowd, at 50-100 meters, nobody is going to hear the suppressed report. Applegate, of course, recommended using suppressed .22LR and shooting the “ring leaders” in the knees. I don’t know that I’d be so generous, but it’s one option.  If I showed up to help provide security, and there was no organization? I’d probably camp out nearby, and provide that overwatch myself, with my people.  Imagine, for one moment, if the local community, trying to provide security for their homes and businesses, had established OPs, throughout the area, with armed riflemen, with suppressed weapons. Rittenhouse still might have gotten confronted, but he’d have not had to shoot anyone, and there’d have been no video evidence of him shooting anyone.  ————————————————— Some of us have been trying to express to people, for several years now, that the War had already started, it just wasn’t obvious yet. It SHOULD be a lot more obvious, to most people, right the fuck now.  (Incidentally, I am writing this on Sunday, 30AUG2020. Apparently, last night, a counter-protester, in a “Trump 2020” hat, was shot and killed by an Antifa operative in Portland. If you’re going to a protest now, even just to “provide security” you better be ready to drop the fucking hammer, or get killed yourself.)Trying to bathe in your normalcy bias now, and expect “things to go back to normal” any time soon is beyond silly now. It’s fucking retarded.  My buddy, Kit Perez wrote an article the other day, about Rittenhouse, that was published on Victory Girls Blog. In it, she wrote, “It’s not just the Left that’s having a conniption about Rittenhouse’s actions. Some on the Right are too; that subset of ‘conservatives’ who fancy violence to be a gross business that is always, in any situation, somehow ‘beneath us.’ They’re choosing to focus on his age and the fact that being a few months shy of 18 made it ‘illegal’ to carry an AR in Wisconsin—an open carry state—as if he next birthday would somehow bequeath the requisite maturity needed to carry a rifle in a deadly situation. Never mind that there are soldiers and Marines who are Rittenhouse’s age serving in Afghanistan right now, carrying far more firepower and making the same kinds of decisions Kyle did.”  She also wrote,  “Regardless of what your opinion is about what brought him there, the die is cast. There is no avoiding a civil war now; if the charges are dropped, the rioting and violence we have seen thus far will pale in comparison to what BLM and its minions will attempt against any of his supporters. If he is convicted, patriots will understand that the paradigm has officially shifted. There will be no quarter given.”It is important to preface my comments with the fact that, while I do consider Kit a pal, we don’t agree on many things, and we stand in stark opposition on some others, neither being a secret to Kit or myself. We’ve discussed these in the past. Like adults though, we recognize the ability to disagree as a key component of freedom. It’s also important to note that I did contact Kit, right after I read the article, and pointed out my contentions with it.  It’s also important to point out, for new readers, or those too obtuse to have figured it out yet, I’m not particularly “conservative” in my political beliefs and convictions. I’m certainly not “leftist” or “socialist,” but I’m not any sort of “flag-waving Republican” either.  (1) There are absolutely people on the Right—and in the Middle—who think Kyle did wrong. I’m not among them. I think that kid should never have to buy a beer or lunch again, in his life. I will gladly offer him a free slot, in any class I ever teach, any time I teach a class, forever. Whatever else he did, he defended himself, successfully, against lethal threats, and rid the world of a couple of shitbags.My issue is, there are a whole lot of people who should know better, who still think this is all just going to go away. “When Trump gets re-elected, he’s going to clamp down hard!” “People are going to elect new municipal leadership, because they’re tired of this nonsense being tolerated.”  It’s bullshit. These riots and protests aren’t going away. It’s an insurgency, but it’s an insurgency that was bound, by human nature, and the realities of history, to happen. The government isn’t going to save you or your community.  (2) Kit was mistaken. There are, in fact, no US soldiers, airmen, sailors, or Marines, serving overseas, at the age of 17. It is fact, codified that, while you CAN enlist, and even attend training, at 17, you cannot be deployed prior to your 18th birthday.That doesn’t detract anything, from anything, but being factually accurate is important. It also doesn’ detract from the reality that there is no lower age limit on self-defense, or on protecting your community and neighbors. While Rittenhouse didn’t LIVE in Kenosha (and thus, as we’ll discuss below, could not be part of a “militia” in Kenosha), he did work there, and had a vested interest in maintaining the security of the community.  (3) The die was cast, long before. Rittenhouse simply has the distinction of being a John Parker for his generation. When grown men have allowed themselves to be beaten to death by these mobs, he said, “Fuck that!” and shot back. He tried to avoid the fight, until it was no longer possible, then he went to work.It’s probably about time for others, in communities that are facing these riots, to man the fuck up and do likewise. Quit waiting for others to do your goddamned job for you. Quit lying to yourself about what is happening. Either stay the fuck on the porch, or, if you’re going to do work, do it the right way, instead of adding to the hostile victories. I can tell you this: every time those mobs burn down a business, or beat some poor bastard to death, and even one of the actors gets away with it, it emboldens all the others.  When (I really don’t see any way that he’s going to actually go before a jury for any of it, based on the legal analyses I’ve seen thus far) Rittenhouse is released, the Left is going to lose their fucking shit, more than they already have. I’ve watched conversations in “moderate” Leftist groups online, where they’ve already convicted him of “being a fascist” and “murdering innocent protesters.” (Seriously, if you’re a “conservative,” and your social media feed doesn’t include at least a half-dozen Leftist groups, you’re a damned fool). The Left is armed, and they are training with their firearms, at the individual and collective level, at least as much as gun-owners on the Right are.  If you’re still sitting around talking about “When we get mad enough to step off the porch, they’re gonna be sorry,” or “Silly Leftists, we have all the guns!” you’re a fucking moron. If you’re convinced that there’s nobody on the other side with combat experience in the GWOT? You’re fucking delusional.  ————————————————— So, John’s recommendations?(1) Don’t go where there are riots going on. If you live in an urban area where riots are happening, get the fuck out for the duration. If you can’t, because you need to protect your property, then view it as counter-insurgency and do it right. If you need to travel INTO a dangerous area, the same rules apply.  (2) If you leave your house, you’re going outside the wire. Be armed, and have made your decisions about where your lines are. Have a plan. Where are you going, what are you doing when you get there, how long are you going to be there, and how are you leaving? Hell, write a fucking OpOrder if you have to.(3) If you’re visibly defending someone else’s property, wear masks and hide your identity. Work with a trusted team of people that you know. Don’t just Willie Nillie yourself in with a bunch of people you don’t know. You don’t know their level of training. You don’t know their level of ability. You don’t even know what their real purpose is.(3) If you’re visibly defending your own property, have a hidden overwatch element to do the actual work, and use the visible elements as distraction for cameras/witnesses. If you have volunteers showing up, take command and put them in places where they won’t fuck anything up. Make them keep their weapons slung, except in immediate self-defense, and give them actual ROE to follow. If they don’t follow instructions, or won’t accept your ROE, send them elsewhere.(4) Work in buddy teams and fire teams, and don’t allow yourselves to get separated.  

Wayne Dupree: Here’s How November’s Election Could Lead To A New Civil War In America

By Wayne Dupree

I believe the Democrats will resort to cheating and creating chaos in order to stop Donald Trump winning another four years in the White House. If they do, the result will tear our nation apart.

The Democrat leadership is well aware that their anointed candidate, Joe Biden, is suffering from rapid, advancing mental decline, and that, without cheating, they have no chance of reclaiming the White House. Is it possible that they can steal a national election? Ask anyone associated with John F Kennedy’s election back in 1960 in the state of Illinois. As a character in Oliver Stone’s movie, Nixon, said: “They [the Democrats] stole it fair and square.”

What surprises me the most about this election is we live in a fast-moving technology age in 2020, yet the Democrats want to use the antiquated system of the post office to mail in ballots. Why? Because it’s easier to cheat that way. And who will be counting the votes in places like Portland and Seattle, anyway? BLM or Antifa?

The Dems want to muck-up this election so badly that the Electoral College is unable to meet and declare a winner.

How will it go? Here’s my prediction…

The Dems will demand that Trump/Pence leave the White House until the election results can be sorted out. They’ll have Rep. Nancy Pelosi sworn in as a “placeholder” president until the vote count can be officially verified, which, not surprisingly, will never happen as long as Trump is winning.

Trump will refuse to step down and leave the White House, claiming that as the election results have not yet been verified, how can he be declared the loser?

President Pelosi (from her temporary “Oval Office” in a room in the basement of the House of Representatives) will declare Trump and all his supporters as “enemies of the state” (oh wait… she already DID THAT!) and order the military to evict Trump from the real Oval Office forcibly. Some military brass comply. Other military brass do not comply. This fractures the military hierarchy into competing factions, resulting in chaos (which is the whole point).

Democratic Party leaders order their supporters, who have already been besieging the White House en-masse since before the election, to storm the building by force and remove Trump, or to burn the place to the ground.

Republicans take up arms and head to Washington to “peacefully” protect Trump and prevent the White House from being overrun by rabid Leftists intent on burning-looting-murder.

And when those two opposing groups clash in DC, shots will be fired, and Civil War number two will begin. Leftist minions in every major metropolitan area in America will come out of their basements and make the current riots seem like a practice run. It will go badly for anyone unable to protect their home and family.

I hope I’m wrong about all this, but I worry deeply that it may well just play out this way.

Why do progressives make heroes out of criminals, and call the police villains?


How do Democrats respond to riots, vandalism and arson? How do Democrats respond to riots, vandalism and arson?

OK so in this post, I’ll summarize the facts concerning the latest shooting of an “unarmed black man” by the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Then I have a lecture given by David Sayet at the Heritage Foundation to explain why secular leftists and Never-Trumpers are so anxious to side with convicted criminals against the police, and the law-abiding people the police protect.

This is from Julie Kelly over at American Greatness:

According to news reports, Kenosha police were responding to a 911 call related to an existing warrant on Jacob Blake for felony sexual assault, trespassing, and domestic abuse before Blake was shot on August 23.

[…]Blake allegedly broke into the bedroom of the victim, an ex-girlfriend, in the early morning of May 3 and sexually assaulted her while one of her children slept beside her. The victim told police…

View original post 912 more words

BLM storms DC neighborhoods with fireworks and flashlights: ‘Out of your homes and into the street!’

August 31, 2020 | Jon Dougherty 

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Protesters in Washington, D.C., continued Black Lives Matter-linked demonstrations well into Sunday evening, invading neighborhoods and shining lights into homes while telling people to “get into the street.”

“Out of your homes and into the street,” BLM protesters could be heard chanting in videos posted to social media.

Some people also set off firecrackers as others changed, “No peace, no justice!”

Others chanted, “You can’t stop the revolution,” according to videos posted by Daily Caller correspondent Shelby Talcott. At least one protester was carrying a sign that said, “White silence is violence,” while others were demonstration mask-less in close proximity.

But the demonstrations, as has often been the case, were not without violence. Police clashed with some protesters, deploying sting balls and tear gas on Black Lives Matter Plaza, which is near the White House.

The Metropolitan Police Department released a statement regarding the unrest, noting that it “will always protect the rights of those engaged in non-violent First Amendment assemblies, however, those who engage in criminal behavior and seek to cause harm to others will be held accountable.”

President Donald Trump was actively tweeting Sunday evening, at one time mocking his Democrat rival, Joe Biden, over his hesitance to condemn riots, looting, and other violence that has regularly occurred throughout the summer.

“When is Slow Joe Biden going to criticize the Anarchists, Thugs & Agitators in ANTIFA? When is he going to suggest bringing up the National Guard in BADLY RUN & Crime Infested Democrat Cities & States? Remember, he can’t lose the Crazy Bernie Super Liberal vote!” Trump wrote.

The rioting turned deadly last week on two occasions.

Earlier in the week, two rioters were killed and a third wounded in Kenosha, Wis., after several began chasing and attempting to physically harm 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself with a semi-automatic rifle.

Kenosha resident Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who was previously seen taunting armed men, was killed along with Anthony Huber, 26. Rittenhouse allegedly wounded a third man, Gaige Grosskreutz, 26. He’s been charged with first-degree murder.

Then on Saturday, a man identified as Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson, a member of the conservative Patriot Prayer organization, died after being gunned down, assassination style, on a street in downtown Portland following a pro-police, pro-Trump demonstration earlier in the day.

“It escalated to the point that they executed my partner,” says an unidentified man who was with Danielson when he was killed in a now-viral video. “They hunted him down, they hunted us down, they recognized our Patriot Prayer hats.”

BLM supporters are increasingly venturing out into neighborhoods, a tactic that has been met with mixed results.

Protesters ventured into a Seattle neighborhood earlier this month demanding that whites “give up” their homes “to black people.”

“Give up your house. Give black people back their homes,” one person chanted.

Protesters in Portland have also begun demonstrating in residential areas.

But some Americans have had enough of the endless demonstrations where they live. Last month, a video clip went viral showing a fed-up motorist slugging one of a group of bike-riding demonstrators blocking a neighborhood street.

“Keep pushing into residential neighborhoods, Antifa. Watch what happens when you keep disrupting normal people’s lives, blocking them from working, traveling, and getting to places. This is just a warning shot. It’s about to get a whole lot worse for you commies,” Twitter user “Click” noted in a post featuring the video.

The logic behind launching disruptive protests involving blocking travel and disturbing Americans in their homes is unclear.

Real Men Do Cry

Thoughts from Frank and Fern

Experiences from country living; self-sufficiency; Christian values; amateur-ham radio; a hard working good life; and Humor is the Essence of Survival.The Road Home
There is no place like home.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Do real men cry? Let’s address that issue.

Now, this is being addressed from a male’s perspective, so if you’re going to take issue with it because you’re coming from a female perspective, or a snowflake perspective, please continue reading, you might find something of moderate value.

Do men cry? Absolutely. Let’s say you have a good friend die, old, young, it doesn’t make any difference. Is it okay to cry? Sure it is. If it’s your little girl’s wedding day and you’re passing her hand from a loving, caring daddy to that brutal, barbarian about to receive it, of course it’s okay to cry, because you know your daughter is going to a safe home. If you’re giving her hand to a limp wrist snowflake, it’s still okay to cry, and you know why. When you drop off your child at school for the first day, it’s okay. When you listen to our National Anthem and your eyes get misty. There are lots of times it’s okay to cry.

So let’s go ahead and get this issue out of the way. Do real men cry? Absolutely. Real men are not ashamed or afraid to cry. Some people would say, hogwash, that real men don’t cry. The guys that say stupid crap like that watched too many John Wayne movies when they were little, or whatever the current equivalent is now. Don’t get me wrong, I love John Wayne movies, but John Wayne was an actor. He played roles that we as men associate with.

Something a little personal here. For years, when I was younger, I would cry on Veteran’s Day. Sometimes I would cry for a long time. Now I am 70 years old and bunch of men my age died in Vietnam. I used to cry that day. November 11th. It’s still a special day to me, but I haven’t cried in years. 

I wonder if I will cry in the future when I realize that my country is gone. Do you think there will be a holiday celebrating the defeat of America? Maybe there will. Maybe there won’t.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are losing our country. I didn’t cry on Veteran’s Day when I was a child. I didn’t cry on November 11th until after my first time serving my country, and I did not serve in Vietnam. I have never cried before a funeral or before a wedding. So, am I going to cry after we lose our country? Who knows.

Here at this site, Thoughts From Frank and Fern, we’ve talked about gardens, dogs, cats, radios – ham radios that is, and we’ve talked a lot about the collapse of our society. We’ve talked about dark clouds on the horizon, the wolf at the door, brace for impact. And yes, we, you and I, have talked about these things. We also talked a great deal about preparedness, things we’re going to need. So, we’ve talked about lots of things here.

If you are not prepared for the wolf at the door, you are not going to be prepared. Most supplies needed for preparedness are out of stock and have been for months. It is too late. Do I need to stay that again? No, just back up and reread the last couple of sentences. If you’re one of those type that’s going to go buy a gun and go steal from Grandma, good luck on finding a gun or ammunition, because Grandma has hers.

But as you probably know, you’re not going to be buying any bulk food either. You’re not going to be buying land either. The cost of land has skyrocketed. If you’re going to go live with your prepared cousin, you had better make sure you are welcome. What are you going to bring to the table?

I know there are people that can’t leave where they are. I know there are people that don’t have the means to buy extra food, they live paycheck to paycheck. I read an article a couple of weeks back about a guy that was going to install a solar system right before this thing goes down. Is this the same guy that’s going to buy wheat and bandaids and bullets?

Moving on. We have a virus shutting down our country. Is it real? Yes, the virus is real. So is the flu, the common cold, heart disease, diabetes, all of these things are real, but we have not shut our country down for all of them except one. Everyday a major agency somewhere issues a different story about effects, numbers and how to deal with this virus. Are we getting the truth? No. There is no truth. How can it change everyday? We can kid ourselves to believe that there is new and improved research, and there probably is in some cases.

Do you believe the lies? Have we ever been lied to before in history? Do we need to go down the list? Oh, let’s see. The Kennedy assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the list goes on and on and on. We are being lied to every day, every single day. 

Moving on again. Our government has tried to overthrow our current president for four years now. They, “the government”, has projected lie after lie with no proof, just accusation. I can’t see where that is going to change, but I can see where it will accelerate dramatically. Look at the rioting. Look at some of the decisions the mayors and governors are making. Who is controlling these people? Many of these elected officials have obviously sold their souls. They are going to do anything and everything they can to stop, infiltrate, change, cancel, distort, pick any word you want. They are going to try to affect the results of the upcoming presidential election. Write that one down boys and girls. 

We talked months ago about the long, hot summer coming. We now have an active virus shutting us down. If you want to, call it a bioweapon. We have rioting in several cities. Read for yourself, find out what is happening, it’s happened before. They’ve disrupted churches, the educational system, the workplace, medical facilities, transportation, entertainment, the supply chain of everything including food. Ponder these things.

Do real men cry? Our country is dying. They are winning. The election will be disrupted. I’m not crying yet, but I can certainly see where we are going, and for that I will cry. 

There are so many examples of evil happening our world right now. It’s not just in our country. What is happening here is an orchestrated event, it’s controlled. These people are very well organized. They have been practicing on citizens of the planet for decades. We are about to lose our freedom. We’ve been losing it for years and we’ve done nothing, therefore, history tells us that we’re going to do nothing. I can go on and on, and so can you.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked. There really isn’t anything to say. Some people say, I don’t want to know all these bad things, so I don’t watch the news. Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean the events aren’t happening just because someone chooses not to watch them. We both know that the vast majority of news is a lie.

Yes, real men cry. And so do real women. I don’t think this is salvageable. I don’t know what it’s going to look like in the future. I do know that these issues cannot be resolved. There is too large of a divide between massive groups in our country. If you can get prepared, do so. If it means opening your mind and seeing what’s happening, be aware. 

So you don’t think we can lose our country? Ask King George. A very small group of people, some say 1%, some say 3%, took, from an advanced military, the colonies at that time. So, can a small group of people take something from a large group of people? Absolutely. Do the majority of people support the rioting and the fighting going on in congress? Does it make any difference? We have lost. The other side is practicing everyday, refining their skills. They have the laws on their side. You can’t criticize, it’s against the law. Don’t think it’s not going to happen, because it’s happening right now, everyday in front of our eyes. I’m sorry. Maybe now I’ll go cry.

In about 60 days things are going to change, and if you think things are bad now, just wait, it’s going to be a very hot summer. I think you understand what I mean.

Please comment. Fern and I are doing fine. We’ve tried to make some final preparations. Don’t get on the bus. Prepare your mind to do the unthinkable. Give your spouse a kiss, tell everyone you love them, and enjoy the times we have left.

When you kneel down tonight to pray to God, ask Him to bless our country.

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  1. chipmunkAugust 30, 2020 at 3:27 PMSo much evil and wickedness, and they’re not even trying to hide it any more. I am stressed beyond belief. Just putting one foot in front of the other, trying to top off preps, and praying A LOT. All I can think of to do now is to throw myself on the mercy of God.ReplyReplies
    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 7:57 PMHi, Chipmunk.

      We have that same discussion in this house about they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. What concerns me even more is we have a large portion of society that seems to think that they are right in what they do. Remember, in the last election, they won the popular vote. There is a whole lot of people out there that want what they offer. It’s not just a bunch of those baddddd politicians, it’s the people. That is my concern.

  2. CWfromIowaAugust 30, 2020 at 4:06 PMFrank and Fern…good to hear from you once again and know you are doing well. While things still feel fairly normal in our area, we are fully aware that the Big Boot/Shoe is about to drop.

    Our garden only provided about one third of what we normally receive. Our fruit trees are providing little fruit as well. Our corn and beans started off looking wonderful, however we have watched them dry up with the extreme drought. We are in an area approximately 12 inches short of normal precipitation. Harvest generally begins the third week of September, but we will most likely start this week. Also had damage from the Derecho that went through on August 10th.

    I have the feeling that there will be many who will cry and weep as we go further down the road of destruction. I would recommend, as you often have done, not getting on the bus.

    Stay strong and pray often, CW

    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 8:00 PMHi CW. Our garden also produced poorly this year. We don’t have a reason why, but in our area most gardens produced poorly. We think it has to do with the solar minimum.

      It’s always good to hear your reports about grain production. Some are talking about the possibility of food shortages, especially animal feed shortages.

      Take care, and thanks for your comment.

  3. AnonymousAugust 30, 2020 at 4:09 PMSo sad but true. We have lost our country. Some years ago you told us this would happen. You even mentioned a pandemic as a good possibility. At that time I just discounted that. I never dreamed we would have a pandemic much less a man-made one. After all we have the best meds in the world. Yeah, right. I’ve thought of other articles you and Fern wrote before 2016, You were so right on the money back then about what was coming. Dec 25, 2015 You said we would have a war and posed the questions would it be between Americans and foreigners? Religions in this country and other countries? Based on the color or one person’s skin? The rich and poor? You also listed other groups and you answered no to each of these. You said it would be ALL of these. Very good prophetic call. It will be worth your while to reread “The Line Has Been Drawn” Dec 25, 2015.
    Because of your warnings we are in a pretty good place with our preps, but, as Fern has asked “what will you do when the preps are gone?”
    Thanks for your warnings over the years and yes if you haven’t heeded them it’s too late. BJ in GA
    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 8:03 PMHi, BJ. Thank you for your kind words. We are in trouble.

      We went back and reread the Christmas article. Many people have seen this coming for years. It’s just this time, it is right in our face and I’m afraid it will snowball out of control come November.

      I don’t know what to say anymore. Thank you for sharing.

    2. AnonymousAugust 31, 2020 at 8:09 AMHow can I find the Christmas article?
    3. Frank and FernAugust 31, 2020 at 8:38 AM
  4. MattAugust 30, 2020 at 4:19 PMIf at all possible, do what Ol’ Remus used to say.

    “Stay away from crowds”.ReplyReplies
    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 8:07 PMHi, Matt. By all means, stay away from crowds.

      Speaking of Ol’ Remus. I believe he is sitting on a creek somewhere watching the leaves change color with is 22magnum at his side. And I truly hope that he is happy.

      If he is reading this, and I’m sure he is, I truly, truly wish him the best.

    2. CWfromIowaAugust 30, 2020 at 9:29 PMFrank, it is my understanding that Ol’ Remus passed away sometime in June…what a loss of a wise man. I miss his weekly reports.
    3. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 9:55 PMCW, thank you. I want to believe that Ol’ Remus decided to retire. I am aware of the posting of his demise.

      He and I shared a couple of emails and twice he featured an article of ours which was one of the highlights of my writing experience. He appeared scholarly, extremely knowledgeable, proper and an overall good man.

      Do you remember the stories he would tell about his screen door? It was a while back. I want to believe that he is retired, and since he read our blog, I know he is reading this.

      Thank you, Frank
    4. CWfromIowaAugust 30, 2020 at 10:01 PMI think you are correct…he most likely retired.
      I am not familiar with his screen door stories. Maybe they will be made available again in the future. I know he did have some troubles with his computer and past reports. Thank you, Frank.
    5. North GA Home and GardenAugust 31, 2020 at 5:05 AMMany of them are archived at:
  5. VickiAugust 30, 2020 at 4:25 PMFrank…I don’t know what to do any more. I am too feeble these days to whoop anyone’s backside and way too old to take a beating. I have talked to those who believe all will be well and to those who see no need to prepare, to no avail. I can write a pretty good rant, but then I am mostly preaching to the choir. Our world has become upside down and sideways.

    I weep for my grands who will likely never know what peace is. Or what it is like to go where they want, do what they want within the law or say what they want without repercussions.

    These days find me preparing as much as I can as soon as I can while I still can. Every conversation with family ends with the words, “I love you.” And I find that prayer is ongoing.

    God help us all.ReplyReplies
    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 8:10 PMVicki, it’s a pleasure to hear from you. It’s comforting to know that there are those with a solid foundation as the world is spinning in free fall. Fern thoroughly enjoys reading your thoughts. She shares with me what you’re up to.

      Keep your head about you, because not everybody can see what’s coming. There are days that I wish that I didn’t, but I’m truly glad that I do.

      Godspeed, Frank
  6. MarkAugust 30, 2020 at 6:06 PMI agree with all you have said. I do feel scared like many, but always remember to “Never Give Up”. Keep doing all you can to prepare and move forward in the fight against evil. Fight against those not wanting to be a part of the America We all know & love. Many of us out here are much older than most. No matter what, do what you can and listen to the writings of Frank & Fern. “Never Give Up”.
    God Bless you all. God Bless our country and those of us standing up for what is right.
    1. Frank and FernAugust 30, 2020 at 8:14 PMHi, Mark. Thank you for the comment.

      There are lots of older folks that read and share on this blog. Most of the comments are courteous and polite. We don’t always agree, but the comments are almost always civil and courteous. It’s too bad the rest of the world isn’t that way.

      There are times it would be easy to give up. I’ve thought about it. But you’re right, “Never Give Up”.

      Bless you, too. Frank
  7. North GA Home and GardenAugust 31, 2020 at 5:04 AMThings are definitely not looking good, and I do not anticipate a long-term political solution. For the most part I think I’m able to take things as they are and not focus too much on what could have / should have been. That being said, people who feel under-prepared for adversity can still improve their position somewhat. We’ve been in a little bit of a lull for the last couple of months where some things have almost returned to what we think of as normal (it may take some effort to find what you want, but it can often be done). Some critical components (like pressure canners)are in short supply. One can do pre-orders with some merchants, wait, and hope for the best…

    However, it is true that people who have nothing at this point are in a very difficult position even if they can find a few items. It takes a lot of trial, error, and practice to build the skills to do the kinds of things one might feel a need to be able to do going forward. Blogs like yours and those of many of your readers are important resources. People who have some resiliency in their lives are less susceptible to faustian bargains because they have alternatives.

    1. Frank and FernAugust 31, 2020 at 10:54 AMNorth GA, good morning.

      I had a friend contact me recently and ask what do I do? I told him on your way to work, stop by the store and buy some canned and dry items that you normally eat. On your way home, do the same thing. Do it everyday. If you need to, go to a different store.

      This is a way to start. In a short period of time, you might have a months worth of food. That’s a whole lot better than your little boy looking at you saying, “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

      Buy what you eat, eat what you buy. There are ways.

      While you’re at it, learn a new needed skill and practice it. YouTube is a good place. But you’ve got to practice.

      I told him always keep your gas tank full. Tell your family everyday that you love them. “Daddy, I’m hungry” are words you do not want to hear.

      Thank you for your comment. Frank
  8. the canned quilterAugust 31, 2020 at 8:00 AMLike you I fear the future but have not lost hope. God Bless!ReplyReplies
    1. Frank and FernAugust 31, 2020 at 10:47 AMCQ, as long as we are breathing, we have hope. If we’re not breathing, then we are in a different place. Since we are having this conversation, there is always hope.

      Never quit! Never give up! And don’t get on the bus.

      Have a good day, Frank
  9. AnonymousAugust 31, 2020 at 10:03 AMScared? Nope, I know that the Lord has my back all I have to do is keep my eyes on him. Eager for his return!!ReplyReplies
    1. Frank and FernAugust 31, 2020 at 10:45 AMHi. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      In the parable of the 10 virgins, half were prepared, half weren’t. Half got to go in and be with the Master, half didn’t. God has ordained me with the responsibility to prepare for my household. I do not take that responsibility lightly.

      I recommend all prepare. Spiritually and temporally.

      Thank you again, Frank
  10. UnknownAugust 31, 2020 at 11:05 AMHi Frank and Fern. I’ve continued to read your blog, but it’s been a while since I’ve commented. Our family has been doing everything we can to prepare for what lies ahead. There are some extended family members that ignore what’s happening around them, and hopefully they will open their eyes soon. I pray God is merciful to us all, but it is soulfully painful to watch as our human race changes so radically. God help us all.
  11. bornfreevAugust 31, 2020 at 12:27 PMFrank, what you may not realize is that “the others” are very afraid, too.

    And, just for my own curiosity – if everything is a “lie” what will going out and voting do? No one will believe the results no matter which side “wins”.


Posted by Jesse James | Aug 30, 2020 | CultureJesse JamesOpinionPhilosophy |  |     

Michael Gladius Sends…

While AP is not a Trad Catholic site, we certainly support the defense of Western Civilization and the remnant within Catholicism that has been staunchly anti-Communist since the conflict began. The excerpt and linked article are a great resource to send to those just now realizing that there is a conflict and are searching for answers. Additionally it is a great reminder for us all to not lose our humanity in this time of crisis. Western Civilization is great because it integrates principles bigger than politics, bigger than economics and eternal truths that existed before the foundation of the world.

Jesse James

10 Steps to Prepare for America’s Economic Collapse

5. Ponder the Moral Dimension
Frenetic intemperance is rooted in selfish unrestraint. It fosters individualism, whereby God and neighbor are shut out from the imagined universe we create for ourselves. But Saint John teaches: “[H]e that loveth not his brother, whom he seeth, how can he love God, whom he seeth not?” (1 John 4:20). How very different is the guiding principle preached and lived by Our Divine Savior: “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). Through the generous giving of self we eradicate frenetic intemperance and selfish individualism from our lives.

Whatever America’s economic collapse entails for you and your family, developing the habit of self-sacrifice is excellent spiritual preparation. Indeed, this dedication to others and to the common good, this true charity, has sustained every Christian society for 2,000 years.

6.  It Takes a Family
Parents correctly see their children as extensions of themselves and sacrifice for them. In turn, children feel compelled by the ties of nature to love, honor, and sacrifice for their parents who collaborated with God to give them their existence. These bonds of affection and service tend naturally to expand, moving beyond the nuclear to the extended family: grandparents, cousins, uncles, and so on.

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum correctly noted that, “It takes a family.” The family is a powerful and affectionate social safety net, and can provide many of the services usurped by the cold modern State. As an economic entity, the family tends to create patterns of production and consumption different from the flawed individualist model of today.

From the economic standpoint, the temperate structures of family tradition protect men from cut-throat competition. The predatory influence of usury is lessened since many have recourse to the family in times of need.

Your family’s loving ambience is the easiest place for you to practice Christian charity.

7.  It Takes a Village
From her perch on the Left, Hillary Clinton wrote that, “It takes a village.” This is perhaps the one point where we agree with her, though the underlying spirit is different. Hers is a socialist outlook, ours must be Christian.

We see the spirit of the family mirrored in associations and communities, towns and cities. These intermediate bodies between the family and the State are open to the temperate spirit of the family, which radiates its benevolent influence outwards.

This same family spirit has such a capacity to absorb and integrate that everyone in a region, even outside elements, eventually share a common family-like mentality, temperament and affection. A person from the South, for example, participates in the great “Southern family” or, to extend the analogy further, in our great American family.

Love your community. Be involved. Be proud of the good traits, traditions, products and cultural achievements of your region and do whatever you can to develop them further. Help others see the blessings God placed in your region

Michael Gladius is the pseudonym for a budding commentator in the fields of military history and theory. His goal is to blend the lessons of history, principles of human behavior, and practical wisdom in order to draw upon a wide array of factors for optimized solutions and problem-solving. He is currently studying in Europe. Some examples of his work include Small Wars Journal and RealClear Defense. PDF Button


Posted by johnyMac | Aug 31, 2020 | JohnyMacNews and Links |  |    

Portland, OR. – Trump Supporter Shot

Portland, OR. – Trump Supporter Shot

There was a Pro Trump car caravan in Portland, OR. Saturday afternoon and early evening.

Then early evening one of the Trump supporters in the caravan was shot by BLM (Burn, Loot, and Murder) rioters.

Then we have rioters celebrating the shooting.

“Fascist died tonight.”

In essence, the first exchange of gunfire has happened – Kenosha WI. and now Portland OR. Pandora’s Box has been opened. Open 1:1 gunfire exchange on what ever street is coming now to your town. It is only a matter of time.

Freedom Through Self-reliance ™ PDF Button

SitRep – 08/29/20 (Part 3 of 3)

A.H. Trimble - Emergency preparedness information for disasters and grid-down

Note: If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 you probably should. Otherwise, this article may not make much sense to you. <click here to read part 1>

Earlier this year I gave several warnings about not joining certain groups, essentially keeping a fairly low profile, not getting too involved…especially too publicly involved. The time was just not right due to a number of underlying issues. That’s changed.

Here is what I am asking, suggesting, that you do:

  1. Define your principles
  2. Focus on only significant/important issues
  3. Find your passion and work it
  4. Total and complete assessment of all 7 areas of your prepping efforts
  5. Remember balance
  6. Help/serve others
  7. Work your tail off !

Here is a little more explanation of what I mean in regards to those areas…

Define your principles –

Figure out exactly what you believe in; write it down to ensure they make sense to you. It…

View original post 1,806 more words


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