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Western Rifle Shooters Association

What about medical and dental check-ups and fixes before things get worse?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

The war has already started in earnest.

While trad Americans struggle to observe and orient, the Communists have decided and are acting.

They are in deadly earnest.

Are you?

Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

Western Rifle Shooters Association

What about medical and dental check-ups and fixes before things get worse?

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From over the transom:


     Here is the article:

     The scenario is probably going to get replayed many dozens if not hundreds of times this summer, in all manner of neighborhoods.

     There are enough attorneys and tactical trainers that read your blog who may want to anonymously put together a DO/DONT DO list for those who are facing a sketchy mob on their own property, like these 2 were.  The 2 attorneys have the benefit of high social clout, resources and familiarity with the relevant legal issues.  They did not in any way show much tactical innovation or flexibility, however.

     For my own input to kick that off, I consider that the woman only had a chromed pistol (can anyone identify the pistol type?).  If there is any chance of an encounter with a mob, a pistol just is not going to do.  All defenders need to be familiar with, have access to and be willing to bear what is the gold standard of such things… an AR platform. 

     People will argue the point, but V.I. Lenin knew that quantity has a quality all its own… and ownership with competent carriage may actually SAVE protester lives – if they see a guy or gal confidently holding an AR at the low ready (or whatever), they must instinctively start thinking of their life choices and consequences.  They may be stupid, but the language of the AR is something difficult to misunderstand.

     The 2 defenders did not appear to have a tactical plan.  Had one or both maneuvered to start to flank the mob, perhaps had a few smoke grenades (yes, you can buy some right now online) thrown into the mix… maybe even had security camera footage to use to support their story, the effect upon normie America would be electrifying.  If they can invade a tony private neighborhood full of the landed gentry, the normie implicitly understands that the same type of mob can bum rush him in his suburban disaster built by wood butchers.

     Consider if you will… the mob had masks, the defenders, none.  The look in the woman’s eyes (pistol bearer) is one of abject terror.  Masks help keep that under control.  Frankly, my balaclava is going everywhere with me from today forward.  Deprive them of the propaganda moment, make it harder to doxx and get canceled.

     What passive measures might have helped?   DOGS.  A few possessive K9 of reasonably large size would have been a force multiplier.  Think of some plate carriers.  In such circumstances, no matter if the mob is getting rambunctious in a gated community, a tract home subdivision or a city block… citizens are going to have to consider the necessity for their own survival when they see a neighbor get mobbed, they need to consider getting geared up and standing WITH their neighbor.  Because… they came for the guy next door today, when is YOUR number going to be “up”?

     Consider the sharply changing trajectory of these riot mob groups if every time they went after someone in a residence, they had to face not only the home owner, but his/her neighbors as well?  What if they realized that they now had such on at least one flank, and reinforcements were probably going to start pinching off their avenue for withdrawl?  Once they sense that and panic, that will be some security footage to see as they bolt for the gaps.  In such circumstance, I would hope that the residents keep their heads and let them flee unmolested.  There is a lesson to even the most obtuse when they realize that the only thing between them and a chalk outline is the good order, discipline and decency of the Average American.  It will be a glorious day when some unnamed suburbanite “fixes bayonets” in a possible dystopian future and performs in a way suitable to his forebears.

Study Reveals The Scary Truth About Phone Radiation

“Keep your phone away from your body,” the state health department writes.”Radiation

Jessica Mathers
PowerGuard Press
 | Feb 15, 2020

Earlier this month, the California department of health released guidelines warning residents to avoid putting mobile phones up to their heads.

“Keep your phone away from your body,” the state health department writes.”

This breaking investigation exposes how big wireless companies used the same playbook as oil and tobacco to deceive the public and create the appearance of scientific uncertainty while making people think that cell phones are safer than independent science suggests.

In fact, did you know that 96% of people have never seen the message in their phone that recommends carrying their phone 1-3 inches away from their head & body? (see the shocking video below)

Other leading health organizations, including the WHO, the California Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, have all expressed concern over public exposure to 5G EMFs. The WHO even classifies 5G EMFs from wifi routers and cell phones as a possible carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). The scientists who signed the letter pulled evidence from more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies to back up their claim.News tell about radiation

Know The Truth

95% of Americans Own a Cell PhoneAverage Age of First Smart Phone is 10 Years OldAll Electronics Emit RadiationElectronic Radiation Links to Adverse Health EffectsChildren are More at-RiskManufacturers Already Add Hidden Warnings in the Fine Printhttps://player.vimeo.com/video/107306727

What Does This Mean For Us?

Are we going to give up our cell phones, laptops, and other electronics? Absolutely not. But emerging scientific evidence reveals that the very innovations that have changed our lives are also exposing us to an unprecedented level of radiation.

Doctors from around the world united to discuss the damaging effects of 5G Radiation.

“5G would be placed in class one, human carcinogen” says Dr. Anthony Miller MD


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Why the Kalashnikov Makes Sense

The world is looking pretty rough. And with it, many are waking up to the reality of their situation. There’s gonna be a lot more time spent on the shooting range than the driving range. AntiFa, John Brown Gun Club and other spoiled, drug-addled, self loathing white kids are threatening to hit the suburbs in the next volley of civil unrest and the summer is young. All signs point to this getting worse before it gets better. This could be one of those times the old-time survivalists may be saying “shouldn’t be living there in the first place” and while I agree, there’s always going to be those coming to the party late. That part is not important; what is more important however is understanding some of the realities of a community defense plan now versus learning the hard way later.

As much as we’d all love to have an army of battle hardened trigger pullers behind us, the reality is that there’s going to be a lot of minimally trained, scared, and in many cases over-motivated folks popping out of the woodwork. Its good to know they’re there, but without a feasible plan for implementing them, much of it is going to be for naught. Further, what about people who aren’t armed? How do you arm them? And this is why the Kalashnikov begins to make a lot of sense.

Reality #1. Simple Controls and Manual of Arms

The AK is a very simple weapon to master. The safety lever is large, the charging handle is large, and the magazine release can be operated either right or left handed. In my own experience, the learning curve is much shallower for people to learn in a short period of time than with other platforms, namely the AR. When you couple that with the fact that the AK is less prone to malfunctions and has a higher tolerance for neglect, it starts to shine.

Reality #2. The 7.62×39 is a Proven Man Killer.

The old AKM round was designed from the realities of combat on the Eastern Front. While many have derided the round for its poor ballistic coefficient and relatively short range when compared to newer intermediate cartridges, no one I know who’s ever shot anyone with it complained about its effectiveness. I saw first hand what the standard M43 FMJ load is capable of doing to both humans and civilian vehicles alike. And since Geneva is a place in Switzerland and not a set of rules I have to follow, the other AK loads out there begin to really showcase what it can do. Judging by the damage even soft points have done on deer and hogs, its a show stopper in short order and the wounds alone are a shock factor to any would-be leftist street shit coming to steal what you’ve worked your whole life for. You see a man’s thoracic cavity disintegrate from three rounds of 8M3 you tend to stop doing whatever it was you were doing with him…or her…or it.

Reality #3. Ammo is Cheap To Stack Deep.

7.62×39 is cheap and plentiful- even in the current unrest and run on ammo that’s going on, you can find 1k round cases of it for under $300. The reality behind ammo is this- if I’m running a patrol with a team of bubbas and we get into trouble, we’re going to burn through a lot of ammo in a hurry. Inexperienced fighters, especially guerrillas, tend to shoot a lot more under duress. That 1k round case is going to go fast. And then where’s your ammo coming from?

Further, what about a training budget? You should never, ever put a weapon in the hands of someone you haven’t shot with in the past. This should be common sense, but it certainly is not debatable. You have to have a certain number of rounds for training both for initial familiarization, intermediate range marksmanship, and for continuous training to keep your skills sharp. In short, your ammo stash should be measured in the tens of thousands, not just buying a case a calling it good.

Reality #4. AK Irons Are Effective For Close Quarters Battle.

In this day and age, optics make marksmanship training quick and effective. With the plethora of good optics out there even on the inexpensive end, there’s no reason not to be running them. But that said, the AK’s design lends itself well to running without them, and for that matter, it may even be preferential for those with limited training to keep their weapons simple. Batteries in red dots die, optic mounts can break, etc, and the AK’s front sight-and-rear blade is plenty effective for making quick center-of-mass shots even to 100m.

A solid training exercise for using them is to staple paper plates on a target at 100m and have your people get used to engaging them. Ten rounds, 15 seconds. Get as many in the plate as possible. Add in another magazine with ten rounds, bump the time up to 30 seconds, do the same. Once they understand that the trigger reset is the key to a consistent trigger pull, which in turn creates consistency across the board, they’ll become much more accurate in a short amount of time. Accuracy equates effectiveness.

Bottom line? While the AR-15 is, without a doubt, the top selling weapon in the US, and for a good reason, the AK is nipping at its heels in a lot of categories and has some advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. I don’t really favor one over the other- for me they’re different tools for different roles, and much of my own weapon selection depends on what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with. For a hasty community defense, that’s normally going to be the AK. Its definitely not perfect, but it makes sense for a lot of reasons.

Want to learn how to run that AK? I’ve got a class for that.

Driving Conservatives Underground

American Thinker


June 29, 2020

By Fletch Daniels

Cultural tyranny reigns in America, the last step before full-fledged political tyranny. 

Lurking beneath the surface of virtue signaling leftists are tyrants seeking to exert their will over those they despise.  The defining leftist culture enables them to ruthlessly use all the power at their disposal, both real and imagined, to enforce a single acceptable viewpoint on society. 

In some geographic areas, this is more obvious than in others, but no area will ultimately be spared. This week, my wife volunteered during the Virginia Republican primary.  As people came by the booth to get information on the candidates, she offered these Republican voters an opportunity to sign up for yard signs.  Most whispered that they could never put something like that up in their neighborhood.  That’s understandable.  Unless a family is willing to stand guard 24/7 over their property, a Trump bumper sticker or sign here is a risky proposition at best.

And so the Northern Virginia neighborhoods surrounding us are dotted with almost exclusively Democrat yard signs and the ubiquitous and unintentionally ironic “Hate has No Home Here” signs that literally blare that their home is a sanctuary of vile hatred and small-minded contempt. 

When people can’t put a bumper sticker for their preferred candidate on their car, they have suffered a loss of liberty.  No Republicans who have paid even a little bit of attention expect the prevailing powers in Democrat areas to safeguard their property, or even their lives and liberty.  The very reason for establishing a government has been upended.  In this area, liberty-minded people almost operate like a secret society sending quiet signals to one another. 

Democrats in this country do not feel they need to hide their political allegiance or culturally approved viewpoints.  Most never shut up about it, believing they are speaking truth to power, even as they bask in the approval of the corrupt and wicked power centers. 

Nobody gets to sit this one out.  The cultural enforcers expect everyone to parrot their talking points publicly, to destroy all resistance, forcing dissenters to grovel in submission.  That’s the whole idea behind the “silence is violence” aggression.  Cultural violence is quite the opposite of silence; it is forcing people to say what no sane person should believe in order to not be destroyed. 

Few stand against this pressure, which is why nearly all major companies and organizations have come out with quisling statements of support of the name of a vile Marxist organization like Black Lives Matter.  It’s why Hillsdale College’s response was so notable, because it was a rare exception to the rule.  [This was not surprising coming from one of the only places in America still putting up statues to honor our tremendous heritage of liberty when the cultural zeitgeist is to rip them all down and start at a Marxist Year Zero.]  Hate groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter operate quite freely in this environment, serving as the cultural shock troops and the terrorist wing of the cultural tyrants who have taken over the Democrat party.

Consider just a few of the displays we’ve watched over the last few weeks.  A football coach had to apologize for wearing a One America News sweatshirt…in Oklahoma.  We watched as most of our senior military leaders bowed before their cultural masters.  We watched as statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and even an assortment of abolitionists, were either destroyed or came under attack, even as discussions of replacing the National Anthem erupted from the propaganda and activist cultural tyrants

We watched as the weaponization of the federal bureaucracy by a U.S. president against a president of the opposite party was unveiled before our eyes to a massive shrug by the seditious media, who see it as a wonderful use of state power by their fellow leftist travelers in the bureaucracy.  They are smug in their belief that they can use their cultural power to protect the perpetrators, who they regard as heroes. 

We even watched as a sports league that caters to a conservative audience was complicit in perpetrating a crazy Jussie.  We observed an emboldened social media giant censoring the President of the United States for promising to protect Americans.        

We also watched what I believe is the vilest propaganda campaign of my lifetime when every cop in America was slandered as a racist with barely a protest. The guardians of civil order, who put their lives on the line every day, often under unimaginably difficult circumstances, to protect their fellow Americans, are being demoralized and hounded out of service. This has created the fertile ground for a massive increase in lawlessness that will result in a significant rise in the deaths of black Americans, showing that black lives matter not a lick to those claiming that name. 

I wish I had a dollar for every American who uttered the phrase, “Never in my lifetime did I expect to see…” over the last few weeks.  We are living in the upside-down when patriotism is outlawed, the vilest of criminals are celebrated, and brave law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily are slandered as the worst of society so thoroughly that it descended into evil farce, when a kid’s show “Paw Patrol,” came under attack since it is apparently racist to have a positive police character in a children’s show.  

This is war and the left is playing to win.  Anyone who doesn’t get that by now, to include most of the NeverTrumpers, is either irredeemably stupid or an active collaborator.  Every pillar of cultural power in America, to include the unholy trinity of academia, the media, and government has declared cultural war on at least half the country.  And yet NeverTrumpers reserve almost all of their scorn for those with the audacity to not drop to their knees and surrender. 

It is long past time for Republicans to fully understand the enemy and take up this fight.  The phrase “silent majority” has been bandied around quite a bit in the last couple weeks.  Americans are silent because the cultural tyrants ensure there is a price to pay for any peep of sane protest, which is also why Republicans voters are undercounted in polls. 

The problem is that the silence enables the leftists to continue to drive the narrative and normalize ideas and behaviors that would have been considered unfathomable just a few short years ago while winning more converts, which shrinks that sane majority.  It is their toxic ideas that are being force fed to every young person in America and we are paying a heavy price for that. 

I’d like to see far more people vocally pushing back against the mob within their social circles.  Every person who pushes back emboldens others to do the same.  There also needs to be a sustained and concerted effort to retake academia, the true center of gravity whose main product it is returning to America are Marxist cultural tyrants.    

The culture war matters when you are living in a cultural tyranny.  If you believe Andrew Breitbart, that politics is downstream of culture, we are getting dangerously close to losing everything, to include our liberty.

Graphic credit: Pixabay

Fletch Daniels can be found on twitter @fletchdaniels.

Feminist single mother confused when daughter seeks male attention with sexy photos


Marriage and family Marriage and family

Captain Capitalism shared this story about a single mother in radically-leftist French Canada. And she raised her fatherless daughter with all sorts of feminist propaganda, especially rejecting traditional femininity. But what happens when her fatherless girl has to choose between feminist theory and her need to get approval from men?

The story is from the CBC:

Last summer, I stumbled onto my teenage daughter’s social media account. What I found confirmed my worst fear: I had failed to raise a feminist.

There, among the pouty-faced selfies, was a photo of her posing, Sports Illustrated-style, on a jet ski in her bikini, brandishing her middle finger at the camera with a smirk on her face.

[…]All her life, I’ve tried to model feminism: taking her on marches for women’s rights, reading to her from books like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should all be Feminists and surrounding her…

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